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Lightning Bolt on Circle

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Lightning Bolt on Circle

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Трехмерная модель Ингоклешни из Журнала.
Появляются в Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Известные места обитания Подножье Небесного Храма, Пустыни Темного Агона
Известные миры Темный Эфир
Виды атак Темный пар
Уязвимость(и) Нет; неуязвимы к любому оружию

Ингоклешня (англ. Ingclaw) - вид не обладающих разумом Порождений Тьмы, которые обитают в Пустынях Темного Агона и Подножье Небесного Храма на планете Темный Эфир в игре Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Ingclaws live attached to walls or floors in large clusters. They survive by inhaling biomatter from the surrounding atmosphere, excreting a темный пар that exacerbates the draining effects of Dark Aether's atmosphere. Dormant Ingclaws could be found in the Подножье Небесного Храма.

Места обитания


Accursed Lake STG-MP2

Dormant Ingclaw in the Sky Temple Grounds.

Ingclaws are immobile, egg-shaped darklings that vary greatly in size—some have been observed to attain heights of over six meters. They are primarily black and purple, like most Порождение Тьмыs. The blunt end of the Ingclaw's body is rooted in the ground, and the tapered end features an orifice for collecting food and four protective claws surrounding it.

In addition to the constant feeding process undertaken by the Ingclaw, a few other adaptations are observable. The Ingclaw can enter a dormant, protective state in which it neither feeds nor excretes toxic gas. They are known as Dormant Ingclaw and they have their own Logbook entry, but are only featured in the Подножье Небесного Храма rooms Злополучное Озеро and Фазоновый Парк. However, personnel weaponry has no effect on Ingclaws in either their active or dormant states, rendering this ability somewhat superfluous to the darkling's self-protection. Ingclaws reproduce by means of spores emitted alongside the excretory gas, which may explain the highly concentrated populations found on Dark Aether.

Записи Журнала

 Журнал Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Во время сканирования

Morphology: Ingclaw
Toxin-spewing immobile darkling. Target surrounded by impenetrable shell. Produces deadly vapor.

Запись в Журнале

The Ingclaw secretes an incredibly durable shell over itself shortly after birth. From that moment on, it remains rooted in place. The creature feeds on the flotsam floating in the atmosphere of Dark Aether, and produces waste in the form of a toxic темный пар.

 Журнал Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Спящая Ингоклешня
Во время сканирования

Morphology: Dormant Ingclaw
Hibernating impervious darkling. Target encased in impervious shell. Currently in hibernetic stasis.

Запись в Журнале

Ingclaws occasionally enter a strange torpor, brought on by constant exposure to the atmosphere of Dark Aether. While in this dream state, the creature does not feed or expel its deadly vapor. Fortunately, its indestructible shell protects it from predators.

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