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Power Suit transparent
Энергетический Костюм в Metroid Prime.
Появляется в Metroid/Metroid: Zero Mission
Metroid Prime
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Metroid II: Return of Samus
Super Metroid
Metroid: Other M
Свойства Обеспечивает поддержку жизнедеятельности
Увеличивает физическую силу
Защита жизненной энергии
Гибкая модульная конструкция и взаимозаменяемость узлов
Управляется силой воли[1]

For other uses, see Энергетический Костюм (значения).

Энергетический Костюм (англ. Power Suit, яп. ノーマルスーツ, Nōmaru Sūtsu?), Энергокостюм - бронированный костюм, спроектированный и построенный расой Чозо для Самус Аран. A Power Suit (ノーマルスーツ Nōmaru Sūtsu) is a suit of powered armor designed by the Чозо. This term applies to both Самус Аран's Chozo Battle Suit Ver SA1-4468-VM6-P[2] in its basic form without any upgrades, and her suit as a whole regardless of its current upgrade level. The word "Power Suit" is short for powered armorsuit. A Chozo known as Драин was apparently instrumental in the development of the technology, and Mother Brain claims to be the creator of Samus' original Power Suit. Two specific models are well-known: the first is a suit given to Samus in her teenage years by the Chozo who raised her (seen in Metroid: Zero Mission). After being attacked by Космический Пиратs and left stranded, Samus lost her spirits and was unable to summon the suit. After completing the Испытание Руин, her fighting spirit is restored and her Power Suit is upgraded. [1] Presumably, this second Power Suit is an ancient model, given its depiction in Chozo prophetic murals and its compatibility with some of the oldest Chozo-produced upgrades such as the Прыжок в Космос, Плазменный Луч and Гравикостюм.


Metroidzm 03 big

The Power Suit is designed to provide both the basic defense and offence needed for Samus' missions.

Samus's Power Suit comes with a standard Энергетический Луч and the Подача кислорода allows her to survive almost indefinitely underwater and in outer space, including the ability to resist most airborne toxins. Its basic functions are not always sufficient for a busy bounty hunter, so the Чозо used a modular construction allowing the suit to be outfitted with a wide variety of weapons systems and special armor. The Chozo themselves left many such tools on various planets they inhabited, including the Вариа and Гравикостюм upgrades. The Люминот, another ancient race technologically equal to the Chozo, were able to produce modifications compatible with the Power Suit, including the Энергокостюм Тьмы and the Энергокостюм Света (although they were unrecognized until Samus met U-Mos). A considerable amount of the suit is biological, which resulted in the Suit's Фазон corruption following Samus's encounter with the Омега Пират. Exposure to the large quantity of unrefined Фазоновая руда caused a kind of mutation, rendering the suit impervious to radiation from blue Phazon, and allowing Samus to fire the devastating Фазоновый Луч under certain conditions. The Power Suit contains 99 units of energy that sustain it (this amount is improved by 100 whenever Samus gets an Энергетический Контейнер) and if completely drained, it becomes unable to protect Samus, and she is forced to revert to the Нулевой Костюм, a blue bodysuit that grants weaker protection, and is equipped with a stun pistol, the Парализатор.

While active, the Power Suit bonds with Samus biologically, and cannot be taken off without her cooperation. It has been observed on many occasions that the methods which Samus uses to remove the Power Suit is to have it dematerialize with a bright flash. When the suit is inactive, Samus is able to retain the upgrades within herself until it becomes active again (observed in the events of Metroid: Zero Mission.) But it has also been observed that she can have it materialize at will, (seen several times taking place in the origins manga, once at the beginning of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and at the start of Metroid: Other M) suggesting that this suit is not meant to be dismantled to be removed like regular armor, and that it is somehow put on or taken off by using an energy-to-matter reaction (it also has been shown that at least the helmet can be removed manually, as Samus demonstrates this in some of the special endings in the series). When this is not possible to do, the Галактическая Федерация has been able to modify it while she is unconscious. In the first instance of this, they added БФУ functionality to take advantage of a Phazon infection in her bloodstream. Later, the weaker Костюм-Сплав is built on the remains of Samus's Power Suit after large portions were surgically removed due to X-Паразит infestation.

The Power Suit is apparently able to assimilate almost any technological upgrade into its system, regardless of the upgrade's origins (in some cases such as the Модуль переноса энергии before Samus meeting Ю-Мос, it will be listed as unidentified). This is shown when Samus acquires the Кислотный Щит and Новый Луч, both of which are of Космический Пират design. The suit however, was once unable to assimilate the Plasma Beam, Gravity Suit, and Space Jump upgrades in Metroid: Zero Mission, despite being of Chozo origins. This was due to the fact that her old Power Suit was developed in a fairly recent time period and not compatible with the three, archaic upgrades.

While Samus worked with the Федеральная Полиция, she had a symbol on the left shoulder of her Power Suit. It looked like a spiraling galaxy, likely a Federation mark. Another small feature of the Power Suit is a glowing green (or blue) "L" shape on the left chest plate. In Metroid Prime, the shape points outward, rather than inward, like in other games. In Super Metroid and Metroid: Other M, the Power Suit has a yellow coloration with the large shoulders of the Вариа Костюм. However, in Super Metroid the front-facing sprite used in elevators and save points has flat shoulders. The large shouldered yet yellow Power Suit is likely a result of the Legendary Power Suit. Despite this, when the Varia reverts to the Power Suit in Metroid Prime, the shoulders become flat and orange and stretch all the way to her shoulders, while before the obtainment of the new Power Suit, the shoulders "fan" up and extend (in height) past Samus's head.

In Metroid: Other M, Samus' visor is most of the time transparent allowing her face and hair to be seen, but often her visor will flash light green, becoming opaque. How she can see through it during this is unknown. She normally does this in combat situations but disables the tint when talking or in a non-hostile situation. When her health drops to critical levels, the tint turns red-orange, but back to green when she restores enough energy. The visor does not do this in other games; instead it is normally always semi-transparent.


S. M. Power Suit Blueprints

The Power suit blueprint displayed on the Экран настроек Самус of Super Metroid

This is a list of all the abilities and upgrades that the Power Suit has ever been known to have.




Комбинированный лучs






Retention of abilities

Varia Suit Malfunction Orpheon

Samus is left with her basic Power Suit in an explosion on the Фрегат Орфеон.

The Power Suit has often lost several of its abilities at the beginning of each game, or they are limited in use. In Metroid Prime, Samus was caught in an explosion while escaping the Frigate Orpheon, and as a result she lost her Заряженный Луч, Ракетница, Морфо-Шар, Шар-бомбаs, Вариа Костюм and Луч-Гарпун, and was forced to track down replacements later. In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, numerous Инг stole her Missile Launcher, Обувь для Прыжка в Космос, Шар-бомбаs, Шар-разгон, Шар-паук, Grapple Beam and Супер Бомбаs, and she had to hunt them down to regain them. Mysteriously, Samus does not have any of the Beam weapons she obtained on Таллон IV, nor does she have the Гравикостюм. The most recent Metroid games have explained why she has started off or lost some of her abilities, but upgrades such as the Gravity Suit or Plasma Beam have disappeared from her arsenal with no explanation at all. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus began with most of her latent abilities and did not lose any of them, although mysteriously she did not use the upgrades she had obtained on Aether and did not later return to the Luminoth, such as the Супер Бомбаs, the Ракетница or Шар-паук; she later regains some of these. In Metroid II, Samus brought to her SR388 Метроид extermination her Morph Ball and Missiles, but ironically no Ледяной Луч. In Metroid: Other M, Samus possesses all her upgrades from Super Metroid (with the exception of the Обувь для Высокого Прыжка, Луч-Спазер and Рентгеновское Зрение), but she does not use them, even during the short training sequence before the concept of authorization from Командующий Адам Малкович is introduced. Currently, Super Metroid is the only game in which Samus starts off with not a single upgrade in her possession except for her Power Suit and Beam (despite it taking place immediately after Metroid II), and no explanation is given at all.

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In the final chapter of Самус и Джоуи, the Грабитель в Трико traps Samus and steals six of her abilities using the Устройство Анализа и Преобразования Способностей, which is capable of extracting and converting the abilities into data. Алчность disseminates them among six henchmen, forcing Samus to kill each of them to restore her abilities.

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Zero Suit Samus Varia Materialisation

At times of extreme physical or emotional stress, it may be impossible to maintain the Power Suit.

Samus' Power Suit requires superhuman levels of concentration and mental determination to operate efficiently.[3] Due to years of training with the Чозо, Samus learned how to control her emotions and maintain the Suit's use for long periods of time.

In Metroid: Zero Mission, Samus removed her Power Suit after escaping the exploding Туриан, believing that the mission was over and also to relieve herself of the Suit. However, Космический Пиратs ambushed her and succeeded in forcing her to crash-land back on Зебес; the subsequent crash destroyed her ship and evidently the hardware necessary to re-summon her Power Suit. Samus later obtained a new suit after defeating the Испытание Руин in Чозодия. This new Suit (which Samus uses for all her subsequent missions) demanded the same methods of control as the previous one, and while Samus is almost always in control, there have been occasions where she has experienced lapses in her focus, especially in times of extreme anxiety and trauma.

When Samus was faced with her nemesis Ридли, his shocking return on the Корабль-бутылка rendered her unable to repress her emotions and she suffered a посттравматическое стрессовое расстройство-related breakdown, causing her Suit to dematerialize and leave her defenseless. She also lost composure when she was hit by a freeze gun shot during an encounter with a Маленький Метроид later on. In this instance, it was unlikely that the shot itself was the cause of her Suit's failure, but rather catalyzed because of her conflicting emotions about killing the creature at the time (it reminded her of the Малыш). Finally, she disabled her suit by choice when she shared a moment with Шлем Адама, but this proved to be a mistake yet again as the Обратный отсчет soon started and she was forced to escape in her Zero Suit.

Официальные данные

Официальный сайт Metroid Prime

"Оружейный эффект: N/A

Дальность стрельбы: Unlimited

Мощность стрельбы: Medium

Samus Aran's Power Suit provides life support functions, and is well shielded from attack. The modular nature of the Power Suit allows for the addition of weapons, visors and other gear as needed. The Power Suit's shielding loses energy with each hit, but can be replenished by collecting energy upgrades. The origin of this suit is the subject of much speculation."

Руководство Metroid Prime

"Samus's standard Power Suit was built specifically for her by the Chozo people. It is integrated with her body, acting as a sort of second skin--not only does it provide shielding in battle and augmented physical strength, but its life-support systems allow her to survive in water and even space without additional equipment."

Данные Инвентаря

 Инвентарь Metroid Prime
Энергетический Костюм The Power Suit is an advanced Chozo exoskeleton modified for use by Samus Aran.
Примечания Самус

The Power Suit provides life-support functions and is well shielded from attack.
The modular nature of the Power Suit allows for the addition of weapons, Visors, and other gear as needed.
The Power Suit's shielding loses energy with each hit; collect energy when possible to keep the shielding charged.

Трофей Super Smash Bros. Brawl

"Samus in the basic version of the legendary Power Suit, made for her by the Chozo race. Samus is most often seen at the beginning of each game in this suit. The normal Power Suit has the lowest level of protective power and features no additional functions. She can use the cannon on her right arm for power shots and build up her arsenal through item pickups."

NES Metroid
GCN Metroid Prime

Стикер Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Samus - Metroid [Specials: Indirect] Attack +15 (Самус, Самус в Нулевом Костюме)

Арт-альбом Metroid: Other M - Power Suit Samus

"My Power Suit is my greatest weapon. Designed by the Чозо, it boosts all of my natural athletic abilities while providing an array of defensive and offensive attributes. Boasting full armor capable of sustaining ballistic damage, life-support systems, my upgradable Ручная пушка, and Морфо-Шар capabilities, it truly is a part of me."

Руководство Metroid: Other M

"The Power Suit that Samus is wearing will acquire new features as you progress through the game."

Данные экрана настроек Самус в игре Metroid: Other M

"Samus's basic suit."

Официальный сайт Metroid Prime: Federation Force


It's no accident that Federation Force Mechs bear a striking resemblance to Samus Aran's legendary Power Suit. It has served her well in the battle against Space Pirates, offering not only enhanced defensive capabilities, but also an array of powerful weapons. Not much is known about the origin of the Power Suit, but it is believed to have been created by the Chozo, an ancient, highly advanced race of bird-like beings."

Интересные факты

  • The fact that the shoulder joints of Samus' suit are so far apart compared to her actual figure has been a source of confusion among fans, since her arms would seemingly have to be pulled from their sockets. This image from a player manual shows the position of Samus' arms, although the actual suit dimensions are noticeably different from the in-game sprite and models from other games such as Prime and Other M—like this image, which reveals that not even her legs and torso match the suit.
  • Since it's shown that her suit can materialize from seemingly nowhere and easily change form, it could also be assumed that a similar form of mass or energy is absorbed into Samus' own body to alter its size and shape as well—possibly to increase her strength and agility to counteract the suit's weight. Lending credence to this theory is a Save Station scan image from Metroid Prime showing the shape of Samus' skeletal structure beneath the suit, which reveals that her ribcage and shoulder joints have been expanded horizontally.
  • In the final two chapters of Самус и Джоуи Volume 3, a piece of Samus' Arm Cannon is broken off. It auto-regenerates after some time. Samus explains that the Power Suit is made from her DNA sequence.
  • In the commercial for the original Metroid, Samus's suit can be seen giving off a cloud of steam, possibly implying that it produced large amounts of heat.
  • In Metroid Prime (PAL version) and Metroid Prime Pinball, the Power Suit speaks at certain points. In the PAL versions of Prime, such cases include when the Вентиляционная Шахта fills with gas, when engaging a horde of enemies that causes the doors to lock, and when Samus' abilities are lost (the suit will list each item that Samus has lost) at the beginning of the game. Cases in Pinball include when a Джекпот is scored. In Pinball, the Голос Костюма is provided by голос.
  • In Other M, when Samus's энергия is critically low, the colored lights in her visor, chestplate, shoulderplate, the Ручная пушка's lining, and the hind knee joints change from green to red.
  • In Metroid Prime, the Power Suit was modeled and skinned by Джин Колер.
  • Samus has the ability to enable select parts of the Power Suit, the most notable would be her Arm Cannon, being utilized in the Justin Bailey as seen in the original Metroid, as well as the манга Metroid.
  • Уивел and Силукс are also stated to possess Power Suits, though Sylux's is of stolen Federation designs and Weavel's is more a mechanical body than a suit.
  • In the original Metroid, both the Power and Varia Suits had the same shape, but different colors.
  • In Metroid: Zero Mission, activation of the scrapped item on-off switching function shows that in the Legendary Power Suit, its round shoulder pads are retained in the yellow, pre-Varia Power Suit. This is also present in Other M.
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption concept art by Сэмми Холл depicts a Отдел исследований и разработки Чозо of the Галактическая Федерация using suits modeled after Samus'.



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