The "Dragoon" Battle Drone is a drone used for defense on SkyTown, Elysia. It was originally used to keep aerial creatures away from machinery, but is now used in a combat role. Its weaponry includes twin Rocket Pods and a Missile-jamming system.

It is resilient, but its thruster controls are easily damaged by the Grapple Lasso. It can also be killed with a charged Plasma Beam or Nova Beam shot. If the Grapple Voltage weapon is used, its energy can be fed off of, but the drone will break free eventually. Thanks to its Missile-jamming system, any Missiles fired at it will be deflected.

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"Dragoon" Battle Drone

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Mechanoid: "Dragoon" Battle Drone
Outer armor is tough, but thruster control could be easily ripped off.

Logbook entry

The 'Dragoon' Battle Drone is a resilient foe, but the thruster controls of the unit are vulnerable and can be easily ripped off. Originally designed to keep local aerial bioforms away from delicate instruments, the 'Dragoon' is now used in a combat role. It carries twin Rocket Pods for offense. Durable armor and a Missile-jamming system help keep the unit safe.

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  • A dragoon was originally a soldier intended to fight on foot but to deploy by horse. They were therefore trained in horse riding as well as infantry fighting skills. Dragoon regiments were established in most European armies during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Originally dragoons were considered separate from the cavalry, but during the 18th century dragoon units evolved into conventional cavalry. The word "dragoon" is derived from the French Army designation dragon which was originally the name of a type of firearm (whose name means dragon) carried by French dragoons. In French, Portuguese and Spanish there is no distinction between the words dragoon and dragon.

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