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A selection of AUX ammo used by the Federation Force. Depicted are, from left to right: Shield Generator, Decoy, Repair Capsule, Missile, and Scan Bolt.

AUX ammo (or auxiliary ammo) is a type of ammunition used by the Federation Force in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. AUX ammo consists of various powerups, weapons and healing items including Repair Capsules, Missiles, Shock Shot and Freeze Shot, and Decoys, divided into three categories. These items are equipped from the Team Toolkit prior to beginning a mission and divided amongst soldiers in the Force, so they may use it to help each other mid-mission. Using the Samus or Zero Suit Samus amiibo will enable extra auxiliary ammo when beginning missions.

Each AUX Ammo is depicted as an icon set inside of a shape and colored based on the category of item it is. The frames of these icons have notches on either lateral side. When a Mech has been deployed, a hologram of the currently-selected AUX item will be displayed over its cannon, in a color matching the ammo category to which it belongs, but without the frame. Any significance in these designs has not presently been uncovered.

Support AUX Ammo is purple and set inside of a circular frame. These abilities help preserve the durability and longevity of any Mechs deployed on a mission. Support AUX Ammo include the Repair Capsule and the Shield Generator.

Offense AUX Ammo is orange-yellow and set inside of a hexagonal frame. These are offensive weapons with generally increased firepower, making them stronger than the standard shots of the Mechs' cannons. Offense AUX Ammo include Missiles, Super Missiles, Flame Shots, Freeze Shots, Shock Shots, and the Proximity Bombs.

Assist AUX Ammo is lime green and set inside of a square frame with rounded corners. These abilities do not directly deal damage nor help a Mech defensively, but rather provide means for Mechs to incapacitate, distract, or tactically subvert the defenses of a target, thus assisting them in combat. The Assist AUX Ammo the Federation Force has access to are the Slow Beam, Decoy, and Scan Bolt.

Full list of AUX Ammo Types[]





"Each Mech is equipped with a standard Power Shot, but there are additional weapon options you can choose from, including:
Super Missile
Flame Shot
Proximity Bomb
Slow Beam
Some enemies may have certain weaknesses, so plan accordingly."