AU Status Screen 1

Samus scans an AU Status Screen when offline.

AU Status Screens appear only in the bottom level of the Aurora Chamber in SkyTown, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. They indicate the status of Aurora Unit 217, and whether or not he and/or the SkyTown network are online. When both are offline the monitor will be pitch black. When 217 is online but the network is not, the monitor will depict 217's image, with "Communication off-line" rapidly flashing in red. When both the network and 217 are online, this will change to "Communication on-line" in blue, and will not flash.

AU Status Screen 2

An AU Status Screen will look like this when 217 is online, but the network is not.


AU Status Screen 3

The AU Status Screen when both 217 and the network are online.

"AU Status Screen. No image is being displayed. Unit is currently offline."

"AU Status Screen. Unit is currently online but is not connected to the network."

"AU Status Screen. Unit is online and connected into SkyTown's main network."

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