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The Accel Charge is a powerup in Metroid: Other M. It increases the rate at which the Charge Meter increases, and in turn, how fast Samus' weapons can charge. It is shown in the Samus Screen in the top right corner. Six can be obtained altogether. They have a "yellow" coloring.[1]

The Accel Charges decrease the charging time by approximately 0.5 seconds per Accel Charge, lowering the Charge Meter time from 3.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds with all Accel Charges acquired.

Official data[]


The first acquired Accel Charge in the Biosphere restroom.

"Accel Charge: Increases how fast the Charge Gauge fills."

On-screen tutorial[]

This will make you charge faster.


Icon shown when examined.

  • The function may have gotten its name from the word "Accelerator".
  • It should be noted that Accel Charges do not have any effect on the charging rates of the Paralyzer, though it may be because the Accel Charge is only compatible with the Power Suit's Arm Cannon.