The functioning access ramp in the Valhalla Stairwell.

Access ramps are retractable ramps present on the two Olympus-class battleships seen during Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Why they are retractable is unknown, although it could be for maintenance or security purposes.

Shortly after landing on the G.F.S. Olympus, Samus finds two retracted ramps in Docking Bay Access. The control switches for both ramps have malfunctioned, preventing their use. To continue on to the Ready Room, Samus must use her Charge Beam to shoot the control switches and loosen the jammed parts, allowing the ramps to function again.

The Stairwell on the G.F.S. Valhalla, which has a similar layout to the Docking Bay Access, also contains access ramps, which are once again unusable on the first visit. One of them has been destroyed, while the other lacks power. Samus can restore power by inserting two Energy Cells into their respective Stations. This action causes the functional ramp to slide and lock back into place.


Docking Bay AccessEdit

Access ramp
"Access ramps to upper floor are retracted and appear to be malfunctioning."
"Terminal operates the access ramp control switch located above this station."
Control switch
"Access ramp control switch is malfunctioning. A strong blast may loosen any jammed parts."
Access ramp (2)
"Access ramps to upper floor are extended and now locked into place."


Access ramp (offline)
"Access ramp lowered. Unable to reach upper floor. Unit not receiving power."
Access ramp (online)
"Access ramp extended. Upper floor now accessible. Ramp locked into place."
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