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Action Movie is the eighth released trailer for Metroid: Other M. It was released on August 13, 2010, first as a GameTrailers world exclusive trailer, but it was later posted on This was more or less footage of the game taking place outside of a facility. The Mystery Creature was shown (though a part of it could be seen in the previous story trailer), as well as new footage of the Rhedogian and a new type of Space Pirate. Numerous Grappling Beam segments taking place in the Pyrosphere are also shown, with one of them involving Vorash. Then in the Cryosphere, Samus could be seen with three Snomers. This scene revealed that the Five-Bomb Drop from Super Metroid would be returning. The Samus Screen also lists the Shinespark as a separate ability. The trailer placed Zoro and Kihunters in the same location, hinting on a possible connection between them that was first implied in Metroid Fusion. The last scene shows Samus running out of the facility and being ambushed by the Mystery Creature.

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