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Action Story is a promotional trailer for Metroid: Other M. Nemesis Ridley plays throughout it, the first time the orchestrated version of Vs. Ridley from the game was heard.

The trailer starts with both Samus Aran and the 07th Platoon landing on the BOTTLE SHIP. Scenes of their encounter play and each character (in order: Samus, Anthony Higgs, Maurice Favreau, K.G. Misawa, James Pierce, Lyle Smithsonian and Adam Malkovich) is introduced using a clip of them, and their name. The group then proceeds to fight the Brug Mass; this was the first time the battle was depicted. Footage of the briefing and Samus' fight with Cyborg Zebesians in the Exam Center follows suit, along with more clips of combat with other enemies. the Kick Climb, Wave Beam and Grapple Beam are all demonstrated along with the beginning of the Mystery Creature battle, and the Fune and Namihe battle. Samus then runs in on Anthony fighting the Rhedogian. She screams at him "Don't do it!" (in reality during the pre-Ridley cutscene) as he seemingly engages the creature. Adam shouts "Samus, do you read me?!" as Anthony asks "How you feelin' about the commander, huh?" in a sarcastic tone. The trailer's ending slightly differs from English to Japanese. In the latter, a Federation Marine aims their gun at the screen and fires, with the screen shutting off. In the former, there is a view of Samus running at Anthony (before she is ambushed by the Mystery Creature) before her visor shuts off. Either way, Anthony screaming "NO! SAMUS!" is heard, and the BOTTLE SHIP is shown exploding, with Samus' eyes narrowing as the meteor destruction from the game's introduction flashes on her visor. The logo at the end also differs slightly from English-Japanese.

Because the Japanese version of the trailer was released first, those who did not understand the language could easily have interpreted the Rhedogian or Anthony as being the antagonist of the game and the killer of Adam, and that the BOTTLE SHIP would be destroyed in a similar fashion to Zebes and other locations Samus has been previously (not as in-game, where it is destroyed post-credits).

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