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And there's a message inside the game where we allow you to play at various [literacy] levels from adults to little kids by selecting between "Adult Mode" and "Child Mode".

Yoshio Sakamoto[1]

Japanese language settings from Metroid Fusion.

Adult Mode[2] (オトナむき Otona-muki?) and Child Mode[2] (コドモむき Kodomo-muki?) are game settings exclusive to the Japanese versions of Metroid Fusion and Metroid: Zero Mission. These settings enable or disable kanji in the game to make it easier for players, particularly young children, to read text and follow the story.

Additionally, the use of Child Mode in Fusion affects the endings. Child Mode endings depict images of Samus Aran reminiscing about her past, including being raised by Old Bird after the raid on K-2L; these are exclusive to the Japanese version of Fusion and would not be released internationally until Zero Mission. Clearing Adult Mode shows the endings of Samus in her Casual Outfit, which are present in the localized international versions of the game.

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