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Advanced Aerotroopers, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, are Aerotroopers which have been outfitted with armor and better weapons. The armor is weak against Missile blasts, but is resistant to beams.


Space Pirate Advanced Aerotroopers use dual beam attacks but prefer to use the two flying attachments each trooper carries, known as Remote Attack Pods, which can launch missiles and/or Gel Bombs. The sticky Gel Bombs will remain on the surface it lands on until it explodes, causing a hefty amount of damage if it hits Samus. The only way to get it off of Samus's suit is to quickly Morph and use the Boost Ball. This should dislodge it, if immediate action to remove it is taken as soon as it lands on her. Advanced Aerotroopers are significantly more dangerous than normal Aerotroopers due not only to their further enhanced firepower, but their greatly increased armor, which can deflect most Power Beam weaponry (excluding the Hyper Beam), but is especially susceptible to Missiles.


When in Hypermode, Advanced Aerotroopers are extremely dangerous enemies, more so than most other foes in Hypermode. This is because they are hard to take cover from due to their mobility and their Phazon-enhanced weaponry. However, like all Hypermode-induced creatures, even though they have greater resistance to most attacks, they are still greatly vulnerable to Phazon-fueled Hypermode attacks from Samus's weaponry.

Logbook entry[]

An Advanced Aerotrooper in the Chozo Observatory.


Advanced Aerotrooper

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Advanced Aerotrooper
Armor resists Beam attacks. Vulnerable to explosive blasts.

Logbook entry

When the going gets tough, the tough put on armor. Advanced Aerotroopers wear an extra layer of ablative armor that is susceptible to explosive blasts. Like regular Aerotroopers, they wield Twin Remote Attack Pods in combat. These are outfitted with a Particle Cannon and a Gel Bomb Rack. Gel Bombs stick to their targets until detonation. High-velocity movement can remove Gel Bombs.