Lastly, I'll talk about the new abilities we've given to Samus called Aeion abilities. Using a special energy called Aeion, Samus can temporarily power up with several abilities. For example, you can power up your attacks and hold down the fire button to unleash a machine gun barrage of shots. You can boost your sensors to unveil your surroundings and detect hidden paths. You can even surround yourself with lightning that negates damage and deflects enemies. That's just the beginning. These Aeion abilities give you special powers that haven't been seen until now. They should give you more ways to play that really add to an orthodox 2D Metroid game. It really feels like we challenged ourselves to do what hadn't been done before. And honestly, I feel it's a great success. We've really expanded on the breadth of things possible in a Metroid game.

Yoshio Sakamoto, Developer Diary[1]

The "Thoha researcher" extracting Aeion from SR388's native fauna in Chozo Memory 2/11.

Aeion (pronounced "AY-on"[2][3]) is a "very mystical and powerful energy source" introduced in Metroid: Samus Returns, and reappearing in Metroid Dread. As a complement to her upgrades, Aeion gives Samus various extra Aeion abilities. The Scan Pulse is one such ability, which allows Samus to see hidden blocks, and expands the visible Map on the 3DS's lower screen.


Metroid: Samus Returns[]

In Metroid: Samus Returns, to collect Aeion abilities, Samus must visit Aeion Ability Artifacts. To replenish Aeion, Samus can collect Aeion Orbs dropped by enemies after they are killed or staggered. She can also fully replenish Aeion by finding Big Aeion Orbs that are sometimes found in Aeion Ability Artifacts or Chozo Statues.

The capacity of Samus's Aeion Gauge is increased by collecting Aeion Tanks. Aeion Abilities are activated by pressing A, and deactivated by pressing A again. Holding A for 3 seconds deactivates all Aeion Abilities at once. Selection of Aeion Abilities is done with the Control Pad. Multiple Aeion abilities can be used at once, although it obviously means a larger consumption of Aeion.

Autoads are armed with Aeion Ability disruptor field. If it hits Samus, her Aeion Gauge will drain and she will not be able to use Aeion abilities for up to ten seconds.

The fanfare that is heard when an Aeion Ability is acquired is a remix of the Chozo Artifact collection theme in Metroid Prime.

The amount of remaining Aeion is represented by a number (X/X) on the Samus Screen. Upon acquiring the first Aeion ability, Samus is given a default capacity of 1000 Aeion. Obtaining each subsequent Aeion ability increases this amount by 150. Additionally, each Aeion Tank increases her capacity by 50, so the maximum possible capacity for Aeion is 2200 (discounting the Aeion Reserve Tank, which refills her Aeion Gauge to 500 if depleted).

Metroid Dread[]

Aeion Abilities return in Metroid Dread, but with several alterations. There are no Aeion Tanks in the game, as each Aeion ability requires a fully filled gauge to use. The gauge refills automatically over time when the abilities are not taking effect, and enemies do not drop Aeion Orbs.

The Aeion abilities are held in Item Cubes and are automatically picked up in a cutscene upon entering its room. However, the Phantom Cloak was initially stolen by Corpius, residing in its tail and makes use of the ability for itself, and Samus must defeat it first to claim its Aeion ability.

Samus cannot use Aeion abilities in the Metroid Suit.

Origin and implications[]

The origin of Aeion is stated to be a powerful energy created by planet SR388 itself.[4] This energy seems to have been absorbed into the planet's life forms, as observed by its release upon every creature's death and its emphasis in the second image of the Chozo Memories. The third and seventh memories depict Chozo mining operations with heavy focus on yellow light being emitted from dig sites.

Interestingly, the eighth Chozo Memory shows the same yellow light which emanate from cracks on the ground shining brightly upon the Metroids as they molt out of their larval phase. Aeion may thus be the factor that triggered the species to metamorphose into uncontrollable forms, leading to the collapse of the Chozo civilization on SR388.

Number 8/11, Chozo Memories.

Strangely, Aeion is also present in all of the planet's robots and Proteus Ridley, the latter of whom is an off-world entity. While the robots' Aeion may be the result of the Chozo energizing their machines with the collected energy, Proteus Ridley acquired his via unknown means.

The SR388 Data File trailer states that the Galactic Federation believes Aeion to be linked to the Chozo.

Aeion returns in Metroid Dread, which is set on ZDR, but is generated by Samus herself rather than dropping from common creatures upon defeat. This could be a side-effect of absorbing the X at the end of Metroid Fusion or Metroid powers manifesting in Samus, as both X parasites and Metroids originate from SR388, although whether this is the case is yet to be confirmed.

List of Aeion Abilities[]

Metroid: Samus Returns[]

Metroid Dread[]

  • Phantom Cloak - Turns Samus invisible and muffles her sounds, at the cost of slow movement. It can remain active even after all Aeion is drained, but will expend life energy at a rapid rate until deactivated.
  • Flash Shift - Causes Samus to speed up and shift horizontally up to three times.
  • Pulse Radar - Causes Samus to emit soundwaves to scan the environment and detect breakable blocks.

Official data[]

Aeion Ability symbols.

Metroid: Samus Returns Manual[]

As you progress in the game, you will be able to use up Aeion energy stored in your Aeion gauge (p. 7) and perform special abilities.

  • You can activate multiple abilities at once.
Aeion Ability
"The currently selected ability is designated by a white frame. Abilities will light up when in use."
Aeion Abilities Screen
"Check current Aeion abilities and their effects.
  • Press [R] to switch back to the map menu screen."

On-screen tutorial[]

Play Nintendo trivia quiz.

"Aeion fuels special abilities, like the Scan Pulse. Refill your gauge with the Aeion Orbs foes may drop when you either beat them or successfully parry."

"Upgrading suit for Aeion compatibility..."

Nintendo of America tweet[]

"Samus can temporarily gain powerful new moves by using a special energy called Aeion. One of these moves is called the “Phantom Cloak” which makes her invisible through optical camouflage. Aeion energy is automatically recovered over time."[5]


  • Aeion's possible origins as an energy created by SR388 and how the planet fills its inhabitants with its energy, is akin to Earth's natural background radiation.
  • Aeion's description as the energy of the planet SR388 resembles the Light of Aether being the planetary energy of Aether.
  • Proteus Ridley may have obtained Aeion energy by devouring life forms found on the planet, as Ridley is known to regenerate and strengthen himself by consuming flesh.
  • A version of Get Artifact Jingle from Metroid Prime plays when Samus acquires an Aeion ability.


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