Scan Pulse pickup

The Scan Pulse artifact

Aeion Ability Artifacts are the item form of Aeion abilities in Metroid: Samus Returns. Similar to Chozo Statues, Aeion Ability Artifacts are scattered throughout the Chozo ruins on SR388, often among statuary. They are found in the following areas and grant Samus Aran the following abilities by rolling through their mouths with the Morph Ball:

All four Aeion abilities take on the form of a ball of white energy, but their respective statues' light matches the corresponding ability itself. After the ability is acquired, the ball is replaced with a Big Aeion Orb, similar to Item Spheres held by Chozo Statues.

Official dataEdit

Metroid: Samus Returns official website and manualEdit

Aeion Ability Artifact
"Enter these artifacts while in Morph Ball form to gain one of the new Aeion abilities."

Metroid: Samus Returns Official GuideEdit

Inhabitants & Eco System of SR388 - Chozo Relics (p. 25)
"Some of the most mysterious structures of the ancient Chozo, the Aeion Artifacts house powerful Aeion Abilities, which your Power Suit can interface with. There aren't many left on SR388, but the ones that are there offer tremendous help in completing your mission."


  • Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide states that there aren't many Aeion Ability Artifacts left on SR388, suggesting that there were originally more of them (and thus more Aeion Abilities) than the four seen during Samus' mission to the planet.