Aerial Repair Drone

Aerial Repair Drones are a version of Repair Drone modified for flight. They are used to perform maintenance and repair work in hard-to-reach areas of SkyTown. New units are produced every 200 years, replacing older, worn models. Aerial Repair Drones are ubiquitous in SkyTown; it's rare to see a room without a supply of the small robots. They have two spindly claw-tipped arms that contain all the tools they need to perform their work around the floating city. They normally don't notice Samus even if she gets between them and what they are fixing. When Samus first arrives at SkyTown, a few can be seen examining Ghor's Armorsuit.

Because of their behavior and lack of any armaments, they are completely harmless. However, when Samus attempts to find the "hidden Chozo artifacts", they are seen destroying the Zipline, impeding her progress.


Logbook entryEdit


Aerial Repair Drone

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Mechanoid: Aerial Repair Drone
Automated maintenance bot. Initial activation 132.8 years ago.

Logbook entry

An evolved version of the ground units, these drones were designed to perform basic maintenance and repair tasks. Their small size and flight capabilities allow them access to the hardest-to-reach areas of SkyTown. Repair drones are manufactured and activated every 200 years, with the previous units being recycled for construction materials.


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