Agon Bearerpods are found throughout the Agon Wastes, supplying Samus with ammo and energy if she destroys them. They are pale blue in appearance and consist of a spherical growth on a stalk, and have many sharp spines on their epidermis. Upon closer inspection the Bearerpod has a large number of pulsing blue veins which are visible underneath its transparent skin.

They are found in the areas outside of the Space Pirate base, in such rooms as Transport to Temple Grounds, Mining Plaza and Transport to Torvus Bog.

Logbook entry[]

Agon Bearerpod

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Morphology: Agon Bearerpod. Living storage units of the Luminoth. Hardy desert plantform used to store useful items. Tough epidermis can be destroyed with weapons.

Logbook entry

The Agon Bearerpod is a hardy desert plantform used by the Luminoth to store useful items and supplies. Its tough epidermis can be destroyed by weapons. It gathers trace amounts of moisture from the air and stores it in a number of chambers throughout its body. It can hold and process this moisture for weeks if necessary.

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