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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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Although it looks like this now, this planet was once a rich agricultural world with two suns. Bathed in sunlight, the soil let everyone gather crops in abundance. But something strange happened to one of our two suns. It suddenly began giving off a dull, black light. Then the planet grew cold very rapidly. No crops grew in the frozen soil... many people abandoned this place. But our parents never gave up! Although their machines froze so they couldn't use them... they fought desperately to the very end.

—Minoru's sister

A planet only described as a rich agricultural world is featured in chapter 3 of Metroid EX. It once had a flourishing agricultural industry, with the planet's two suns providing plenty of sunlight for the cultivation of crops. However, one of the two suns blackened, and the planet became cold. Its climate turned to a frozen one and many inhabitants left the planet, except for the parents and sister of a boy named Minoru. His parents remained on the planet, cultivating their garden with much determination until their deaths. Minoru and his sister took on the responsibility of maintaining the garden and Minoru was fiercely protective of it.

Samus Aran, Joey Apronika and Diesel respond to a distress call originating on this planet, and accidentally land in Minoru's garden. Immediately Minoru attacks them, until his sister restrains him and explains the situation. The trio resolve to reverse the solar eclipse, and travel to the frozen sun. They discover a Solar Core Harvesting Facility inside, revealing that the Greed Corps was behind the eclipse. After the destruction of the facility and Chrysta, one of Greed's Deadly Six Stars, the climate on the planet is returned to normal.

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