Unit found in the Transport to Temple Grounds.

Components of an air-purification system are present in the first few rooms of the Torvus Bog. In Transport to Temple Grounds, behind the actual Elevator is a massive structure. According to its scan, it is still running. However, lack of maintenance has left it damaged, and the Scan Visor estimates that it will shut down if not tended to within three cycles of the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Another part of the system appears in the Torvus Lagoon, already deactivated due to flooding as a result of the Leviathan impact. Its scan states that its control and power systems are damaged, and will need major repairs in order to function again.

Scan[edit | edit source]

Torvus Lagoon device.

Transport to Temple Grounds
"Structural analysis complete.
This is part of an air-purification system.
This unit is still active, if only at a basic level. Scans indicate a general lack of maintenance: if this unit is not serviced within the next three cycles, it will cease to function."
Torvus Lagoon
"Structural analysis complete.
This is part of an air purification system.

Unit is inactive. Recent flooding of area damaged control and power systems within this unit, taking it offline. It will not function without major repairs."

It should be noted that in the Nintendo GameCube version of Echoes, the Lagoon system's scan exists in the data but cannot be accessed in-game. This was fixed in the Metroid Prime Trilogy version.

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