Airshaft is a room in Pirate Research in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room features two floors, with the bottom floor being the first explored. Samus will notice that the room is indeed a long fall down. To get to the top floor, Samus must use two Wall Jump Surfaces that appear to be specially designed as they resemble stained glass. However, the second Wall Jump Surface is offline and not usable. This is due to a Locking mechanism on the first surface. When Samus disables it with her Seeker Missiles, the other surface will form. She can then Screw Attack to the upper floor. Unlike most Wall Jumps, Samus will have to continually Screw Attack until she reaches the ledge, which is farther away from the surfaces. She has a chance of landing on some platforms if she doesn't immediately make it, giving her a chance to simply jump to the farther ledge. The main platform is lined with thin, long "tendrils" of Phazon with a blue pustule at their base. These can also be seen in rooms of Bryyo and Elysia in areas of high Phazon contamination.

Connecting rooms[]



The Source Discovered
"After our liberation, she left us adrift. We thought this a test of our loyalty, and so we endured. Some said she abandoned us. They were promptly shot. Disciples do not doubt their leader. When she returned, it was on the back of a titanic starborne beast! As we groveled in awe, she ordered us to follow the beast through a rift in space, a wormhole. Some refused to follow, afraid of the unknown. They too were shot. Disciples must be fearless. Once through the rift, we saw a singular wonder... Phaaze, the source of all Phazon in the cosmos. Phaaze, the home of our glorious leader!"
"One of four control switches that operate nearby machinery. Hit all simultaneously to activate."