The Alimbic Cluster is a star cluster in the Tetra Galaxy, beyond the reach of the Galactic Federation. It was from this cluster that a strange telepathic message was transmitted across the known universe, leading to the events of Metroid Prime Hunters. It was to this region that Samus Aran travelled shortly after her exploits on Tallon IV to seek out the Alimbic's Ultimate Power.

Arcterra is said to be "located at the farthest reaches of the Tetra Galaxy", indicating the position of the Alimbic Cluster in relation.

Places of interest[]

The star of the Alimbic Cluster can also be seen in space when selecting a destination; in the top-left corner of the star chart, it is represented by a circle, and if it is highlighted, the top screen will be blinded with light from the star. The star can also be seen in several locations that have ceilings open to space, such as the Weapons Complex.