The Alimbic Order of Elders were the eight leaders of the Alimbics, founded by General Almiiak, until Gorea attacked and they used the psionic energy of the Alimbics to transport it to the Infinity Void, by way of the Alimbic Cannon. This procedure left the remainders of their spirits in the Octoliths, which they left in the Stronghold Voids, under the guard of the cybernetic Cretaphids and Slenches, as well as laser turrets, Psycho Bits, and Guardians. They also created security systems in the Voids that would trigger if Samus successfully destroyed a Cretaphid or Slench and attempted to leave, and a countdown would kick in, automatically killing Samus after a few minutes, if she did not quickly leave the station or planet.

Related LoreEdit

"A large ceremonial emblem of the ALIMBIC ORDER, celebrating their victories and leadership. Solar-cycle counter dates its creation after ALINOS first came under attack." - Alimbic Insignia


"You will not find all EIGHT of the OCTOLITHS. They have been scattered, hidden in FOUR of our most heavily defended territories."

"There are never more than TWO OCTOLITHS hidden on any planet or space station."

"Within each OCTOLITH is a spirit, the transferred ESSENCE of an ALIMBIC ELDER."

"Reunite all EIGHT OCTOLITHS in the CANNON CONTROL ROOM to open the doorway to GOREA."

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