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The "Alpha Power Bomb Room" (as termed by speedrunners) is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid, and is where the first Power Bombs are obtained without Sequence Breaking.


This is a corridor reachable through a door in the lower half of the "Red Tower Elevator Room". Getting to it requires the Ice Beam, which can be obtained after defeating Kraid. Unlike the surrounding area, this room has minimal red soil, with the only element being a thin strip under the floor. The rest of the room is of artificial construction, built from metal bricks and pipes, and the background is blue like the three rooms of "Old Brinstar". Three Samus Eaters surrounded by spikes are embedded into the floor.

Samus can cross over them using five midair block platforms. In between the blocks are Boyons, which may knock Samus down if she is not careful. She can freeze the Boyons when they are still or have jumped up, for easier passage. A Chozo Statue sits on the other side of the room, holding (what is normally) the first Power Bomb Tank in the game. Immediately after picking the item up, Samus can use a Power Bomb to destroy the wall behind the Chozo Statue. This reveals a hidden back room with a Missile Tank on a pedestal. After collecting both items, Samus can leave and there is no incentive for revisiting this room.

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Power Bomb
See above.
Missile Tank
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Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

Power Bomb Pick Up (pg. 14)
"As soon as you get the Power Bombs in this area, you can use them to blast open a new passage and collect more Missiles."

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Page 54
"A detonated Power Bomb will blow away the wall behind the Chozo Statue."