! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

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An Alpha Sandigger is the alpha specimen of a Sandigger pack, with larger mandibles and much longer body length. It shares most of the physical characteristics, weaknesses, and abilities that its smaller counterparts possess, and does not seem to have any unique abilities or qualities beyond its size.

One resided in Aether's Agon Temple, and Samus Aran battled it when attempting to reach the Agon Energy Controller. The battle was not a lengthy one, though, as an Ing with Samus' Morph Ball Bombs ability possessed it seconds into the fight, transforming the Alpha Sandigger into the more-powerful Bomb Guardian. Both the Sandigger and the Ing possessing it were killed by Samus, returning to her the use of the Bombs.


The Alpha Sandigger is one of the simplest and easiest bosses in the game; the creature does not last long, and the fight serves as the setup to the Bomb Guardian. Samus must shoot either of the eyes until the Alpha Sandigger gets possessed by an Ing, turning it into the Bomb Guardian and increasing the difficulty.

Logbook entry[]

Alpha Sandigger

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Temporary scan

Morphology: Alpha Sandigger
Large tunneling bioform. Extremely well-armored. Target exposed eyes to damage this creature.

Logbook entry

This appears to be a Sandigger pack leader, larger and stronger than the normal members of its kind. Target both of its heads to damage it.


  • The Alpha Sandigger, like the Alpha Splinter, gets possessed by the Ing. Unlike the Alpha Splinter, however, which is programmed to take a certain amount of damage before the Ing arrives to possess it, the Alpha Sandigger is set on a timer; the Ing will eventually arrive, regardless of the Sandigger's health.
    • On a related note, the Alpha Sandigger is the only "Alpha" form of a light-world Aether denizen to become a guardian (Bomb Guardian) upon possession, as the other Alpha creatures either never get possessed at all (Alpha Blogg) or otherwise become ordinary darklings (Alpha Splinter).
    • If Power Bombs are hacked, the Alpha Sandigger can be killed instantly. However as previously mentioned above, after a few seconds the Ing Possesion cutscene will still play and the Bomb Guardian fight ensues.
    • In the Trilogy version, with enough firepower it is possible to destroy one of the Alpha Sandigger's eyes before the creature becomes possessed. In doing so, its behavior is revealed to be identical to a normal Sandigger.