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Altar of Judgment

The Altar of Judgment is the most important room in the Extreme Galaxy's galactic ruins. It is here that centuries ago, an extremely dangerous power was sealed away by an unknown civilization. Whoever accesses this power is foretold to become the ruler of the universe. Greed sought this power during Metroid EX.

The room's floor and walls are constructed out of brick, while the gates feature an ornate design in the shape of a cross, not unlike the visor of a Federation Marine.

Arriving at the altar, Greed discovered that a sacrifice was needed to open the gates to the power. Electing to use Samus Aran, he instructed his general Bishop to capture her and bring her to the ruins. She is attached to a strange apparatus of cables, which draw energy from her in an excruciatingly painful process and leave her unconscious. The gates of judgment then open, allowing Greed to enter.

Bishop, who desired the power for himself, moves toward the gates only to be stopped by Samus's comrades Joey and Diesel, and Bishop's defecting partner, Knight. A bloody battle ensues at the Altar of Judgment in which Joey emerges victorious, after using a secret technique of his Field Knuckles, Exodus. Shortly afterwards, Samus is revived, and Knight reveals that was close to Joey's father, the warrior Rand Apronika. In a last, desperate act, Knight battles Samus before taking his own life.

By this point, Greed has accessed the power. A black hole begins to tear apart space and time, threatening the entire universe. Samus reveals that while she was being used to open the gates, she heard the voice of an animus within the ruins explaining that whoever accessed the power would have to make a final choice, between the power of the past and the future. Samus follows Greed and discovers that he chose the future. He is violently torn apart by the power. As the animus prepares to destroy the universe, Samus makes her choice: the present. The animus then creates a white hole to undo the damage of the black hole, thereby saving the universe.

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