Ammolite Shards

Ammolite and Witherite Shards are naturally occurring, phosphorescent minerals found on Arcterra. Both minerals appear as trigonal, white-blue crystals that emit a constant glow, and range in size from about a foot to as large as Samus herself. Ammolite and Witherite shards are common in the caverns and tunnels of Arcterra, most notably in the Ice Hive, which is the only place where they can be scanned. No weapon seems capable of damaging either substance. Despite having separately identified object scans (which feature the same content), they appear indistinguishable from each other.

Logbook entry[]

Ammolite and Witherite Shards

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Naturally occuring minerals with phosphorescent properties.

Witherite Shards


  • Ammolite and Witherite are both names for real-life minerals: Witherite is a white, barium carbonate-based crystal that vaguely resemble the crystals seen in-game, whereas ammolite is an iridescent, organic gemstone that comprises fossilized ammonite shells. Neither real-life mineral, however, has luminescent properties.