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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr—"

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The Amok Mommy (アモクマミ Amokumami?) is an enormous Amok penguin female. It fires shock waves from its mouth and lays penguin nests with the six large ovipositors around its waist. It is invincible to Samus Aran's beams and is capable of releasing a massive shock wave from its mouth. Joey awakens it by accident on his trip to Degrade and uses his Field Knuckle to protect the crew of the Special Forces Ship Otowa as they board the KI-1 Class Ship the Amok Mommy was using as its breeding grounds, allowing Samus to blow it away with a Super Missile.

Notes at the end of chapter 9 in Samus and Joey mentions that the remaining Amoks on the planet proceeded to feed on their mother's corpse, although the author Idzuki Kouji could not bring himself to draw the scene.

Penguin Mamma ConceptsEdit

"Amok Mommy"Edit

"Mother of planet Degrade's mad life-forms. There is one in every swarm. Emits a powerful shock wave from her mouth.

"The origin of the name "Amok Mommy" comes from "mother run amok." Incidentally, the name "Amokma" comes from the phrase "amok mouth".

"When Joey and his friends left Degrade, the baby penguins were eating their mother's corpse, but there was no way I could draw that scene. Even though she's their mother, when she died, she became food for the survivors. The baby penguins are crying as the eat their mother. It's a sad picture! Pray for them!"

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