Intrusion detected. Deploying amplification beam. Targeting Samus Aran.

Master Brain

The amplification beam technology was created by the ancient Bion race during an unknown period of their history. The technology was developed by the species to better adapt themselves to the harsh climate of their world. Some time after the race had disappeared the Space Pirates came across the technology and started to use it to enhance themselves and bioweapons/creatures of war after Phazon had become lost to them. This occured during the events of Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

The amplification beam greatly increases the size of a subject, giving them the general length akin to that of the Galactic Federation's new Mech suits. The Space Pirates also used the technology to experiment on various lifeforms they found in the Bermuda System such as the Sawken on Excelcion.

Master Brain, the commanding AI of the Doomseye, used the amplification beam to enlarge a captured Samus Aran that it had managed to put under its own control when it used her to engage the Federation Force that had come on board to destroy the shield generator that was protecting the ship. The effects of the amplification beam were reversed when the Federation Force managed to defeat Samus Aran who was locked into her Morph Ball form.

The technology was most likely lost when the Federation fleet destroyed the Doomseye.