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"An Unfortunate Discovery" is a short techno theme heard once in Metroid: Other M. It was composed by Kuniaki Haishima and/or Sachiko Miyano and is one of the few non-orchestral themes in the game. It serves to provide atmosphere during a Search View segment, akin to "Searching the Exam Center".

The theme's instrumentation is simplistic, featuring a repeating five note melody with intermittent electronic beats (reminiscent of the Vesper Gateway theme in Metroid Prime Hunters), and a low drone that repeats every three seconds. It plays shortly after Lyle Smithsonian's body has been discovered in the Biosphere Test Area, when gameplay resumes and Samus enters Search View. It continues to play until she examines a patch of green blood on the grass, which leads her to discover Little Birdie's husk. After this, it is never heard again.

The theme can be heard here: [1]

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