The ancient Bion race was the former dominant species on the planet Bion in the Bermuda System. By the time the events of Metroid Prime: Federation Force took place this species was considered long extinct. Their civilization was advanced in both technology and engineering, as they were capable of building large structures, networks of underground corridors, railway tracks, storm shelters, as well as powerful energy sources such as the power cells, and the ancient skiff.

The culture of the Bion people was centered around the Orb, perhaps both the shape as well as the titular orb itself which served to unlock a data codex containing of all the species' knowledge. Perhaps this interest in the round form made the ancient Bion race also fashion lock devices that used spheres to unlock them.

Something in Bion's harsh environment made the race develop the amplification beam to enlarge themselves in order to be able to survive. Conditions on the planet must have continued to deteriorate as at some point the species decided to evacuate. If their attempt was successful is unknown but they left a copy of their data codex behind at the rescue site for future species to find and learn about the people of Bion.

The Space Pirates eventually managed to recover some of their technology such as the information about the amplification beam and power cells, and use these for their own goals such as enhancing their forces and powering their weapons such as the Doomseye. The Pirates were very interested in recovering more of the ancient race's relics.

Galactic Federation archeological efforts on Bion uncovered evidence of a settlement that had been buried by a volcanic eruption. Scans done by a probe revealed that the settlement had been constructed before the ancient Bion race used the amplification beam on themselves.

No information is given on what the ancient Bion race exactly looked like but this may be contained in the data codex.

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