Ancient Courtyard is a room in Bryyo Thorn Jungle in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room can be viewed from the top chamber in Overgrown Ruins. When entered, Samus will notice that a gate made of Maldium is in her way. Since she does not have Ship Missiles when she first enters, she will have to return when she obtains them.

On her return, there will be a jamming beacon scrambling signals and preventing Samus from calling in her Gunship. Defending the beacon are a pair of Pirate Militia and one Space Pirate ATC. The destruction of the gate also results in their destruction, if not killed prior. After this, a Berserker Knight will walk through the remains of the gate with an Advanced Pirate Trooper and an Assault Pirate Trooper, both of which it will throw to their deaths. A half-pipe can be used here when Samus has the Boost Ball to reach a Missile Expansion. This room leads to the Jousting Field, where Samus fights the Korakk Beast.

Connecting rooms[]


Beserker Knight.jpg


Missile Expansion
When Samus has the Boost Ball, she can return to this room to use a Half-pipe in the location that formerly held the gate. On a ledge is the expansion.


"Compound gate sealed shut. Analysis indicates high amounts of Maldium within the stonework."
Gate (Before Ship Missiles)
"Compound gate sealed shut. Suit weaponry is insufficient to destroy its thick armor."
"This U-shaped stonework's surface appears to be smooth and unusually seamless."
Dead Reptilicus
"Target's biosigns negative. Scans detect 143 unique energy burns on the subject's body."
"This terminal powers the energy shield found in the previous area."


  • Curiously, if Samus looks closely enough at the gate that blocks access to the rest of the room, she can see small shrapnel-like objects on the gate, that suspiciously resemble that of a Ship Missile Expansion. Thus, the game prevents a subtle hint on how to remove the obstacle.
  • Both this room and the Command Station feature higher chambers overlooking the rest of the room.