The second chamber.

The Ancient Ruin is an archaeological site on Bion, containing remnants of the ancient race that used to inhabit the planet. It is the setting of M05: Excavation in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The ruins consist of three large chambers joined together by small corridors. There is rubble throughout them, 60 pieces of which must be destroyed for the mission's bonus objective. The first chamber has a Cannon that can be used to destroy much of the rubble in that room. Each chamber is unlocked by stepping on a pressure pad.

This site was intended as a rescue area by the ancient race, which went extinct before their distress call could be heard. A backup of the race's data codex was located here, which the Federation Force is sent to retrieve. It reveals biometric data about the race indicating that they were massive beings. The codex is guarded by a Collosun, and a river of lava.

Dedicated terminal[edit | edit source]

Bion Log: Ancient Ruin
Our wisdom has been passed down through the ages. We have collected it here in hopes that it will be found by the good and righteous.

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