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On my first day of work, they told me the project [we would be working on] was Metroid II's remake in the vein of Metroid: Zero Mission. It was, without a doubt, very exciting. Working alongside Nintendo was simply great.

I took charge of [Metroid’s] UI/UX and the main character's camera behavior. I was glad to participate in enhancing game feel and contributing to user experience, which are my main interests programming-wise.

It was unreal watching it being played live, seeing the game cover or the amiibo figures for the first time, and watching the over-the-top YouTube reactions.

—Ander Alzola Angulo[1]

Ander Alzola Angulo
Ander Alzola Angulo CV

Angulo's CV.

Ander Alzola Angulo is a Spanish game designer and former programmer at MercurySteam. He worked there from June 2015-July 2017 on Metroid: Samus Returns. Angulo took full charge of the game's user interface and user experience, including the menu and loading screen transitions, in-game user customization support (such as the Minimap and amiibo menu), integration of Eastern region fonts. Additionally, he coded the game's camera, creating a boundary system that would benefit concealment of secret items and passages.

Angulo, a graduate of the DigiPen Institute of Technology, played Metroid: Zero Mission when it was released, but had no other experience with Metroid until he was hired to work on Samus Returns.[1]

Since leaving MercurySteam, Angulo has programmed a virtual reality flight training simulator for Airbus BizLab.

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