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Andrew "Android" Jones is a concept artist and an early adopter of digital art tools. He has worked for ILM, Black Isle Studios, Retro Studios and is currently art director for Massive Black. He was integral to the concepts for well known games like Nintendo’s Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Interestingly, his concept art of the Varia Suit and Space Pirate for the first Prime game are extremely reminiscent of the Echoes variants, rather than the ones actually used in Prime. It is likely that these designs were looked at during the production of Echoes, influencing the final designs of the suit and Pirates.

Jones did a 1,000 self-portrait series of himself and later claimed that "my portraits are quite a departure from my metroid concept work, but I think you would be surprised that there are a few of the portraits that were the inspiration behind the final bosses in prime 1 and two."[1]

Jones designed the Space Pirates, Samus, Chozo, bosses, Luminoth and enemies. He worked on Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter as an artist with Black Isle Studios prior to joining Retro.[2]

While working for Retro Studios, Jones would fly out to Nintendo's Seattle office to consult on artwork for some of their games developed in Japan, acting as a sort of art "localizer" to adapt their designs to the American market.[3]


  • According to Richard Vorodi, Jones, Retro's "secret weapon", assisted NST with designing the Bounty Hunters in Metroid Prime Hunters. Vorodi informed him of the stories and abilities of each Hunter, and Jones would create designs for the characters.[4] In the final game, he is credited under special thanks.
  • Kynan Pearson alluded to a concept done by Jones in which an Ing's legs are extended like outstretched fingers, with a Luminoth below it, suggesting a puppeting scenario. This concept has apparently never been released.[5]


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