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Ahh, fancy meeting you here, Princess! Remember me?

—Anthony Higgs

Anthony Higgs (アンソニー・ヒッグス Ansonī Higgusu?) is a soldier in the Galactic Federation Army, working as the point man of the 07th Platoon led by Adam Malkovich in Metroid: Other M.[1] He is an old friend of Samus Aran.



Years ago, Anthony worked in the same Galactic Federation Army unit as Samus, under the command of Adam Malkovich. Anthony was amused by Samus' defiant personality and the two grew familiar with each other, with Anthony developing the cheeky nickname of "Princess" for her as the sole woman in their unit.[2]

Anthony was also present during the mission in which Ian Malkovich lost his life. He too showed concern for the loss, but understood Adam's decision to let Ian sacrifice himself. While Samus left the army, Anthony stayed.

Metroid: Other M

Anthony with other members of the 07th Platoon.

Anthony went to investigate the BOTTLE SHIP along with the rest of the Galactic Federation 07th Platoon, again under the command of Adam Malkovich. He was the first to speak with Samus, lowering his comrades' guns and opening his helmet to greet her with a smile and her old "Princess" nickname. He was then amused by Samus' ease at opening a Red Blast Shield where the rest of the platoon had continuously failed.

After fighting off the Brug Mass alongside Samus and the platoon, Anthony was sent to investigate the Pyrosphere in Sector 3. His investigation was interrupted when he was issued to regroup with the others in the Biosphere in Sector 1. Upon reaching the Exam Center with the others, Anthony ordered the troopers to scout out the building for survivors or important intel while Maurice Favreau worked on the computer. Once James Pierce began to hack into the database, Anthony ordered the rest to begin searching for the head of research, Madeline Bergman.

Anthony and Samus outside the Exam Center.

Once Samus discovered the Cyborg Zebesians, Adam ordered all soldiers to evacuate the Exam Center, with Anthony showing concern for Samus' safety. Outside, Anthony and the others were attacked by a reptilian creature. The creature spotted Samus within the Exam Center and ambushed her once she exited the building, despite Anthony's warning. Anthony managed to charge his Plasma Gun and fired a blast, seriously wounding the creature and forcing it to retreat. Anthony apologized to Samus for not firing sooner, blaming the prolonged charge time of the Plasma Gun, but showed confidence in her ability to protect herself.

After discovering the ravaged body of Lyle Smithsonian in the grass, the platoon split up again to continue their investigations. Anthony headed back to the Pyrosphere.

While exploring the Pyrosphere, Anthony was ordered by Adam to regroup with the other soldiers in a Navigation Booth so they could open the magma-eruption port to restore geothermal power. However, the rest of the platoon never showed up, and Anthony was attacked by a Rhedogian that threatened to drop him into a pool of lava. Fortunately, Samus coincidentally arrived just in time to save him. After thanking her for the save, he asked Samus how she felt working with Adam again. Realizing he'd struck a nerve, he apologized and headed off on his own.

Anthony and Samus in the Geothermal Power Plant.

Anthony headed to the Geothermal Power Plant, where he encountered the fully-evolved Ridley. The two entered a silent standoff. Samus arrived and accidentally stepped in the way of Anthony's line of fire, causing her to momentarily believe he was the Deleter until Ridley's roar filled the air. Anthony suggested they retreat, but Ridley cleverly destroyed the bridge to the exit. Anthony then got ready to fight, but Samus insisted he leave it to her. Samus blew open the magma-eruption port with a Super Missile, causing lava to illuminate the room and fully reveal Ridley. Upon seeing Ridley alive again, Samus entered a state of shock, allowing Ridley to grab her. Anthony threatened Ridley and fired his Plasma Gun at him - though Ridley dodged the attack, it forced him to drop Samus. Anthony then began to fight Ridley one-on-one, but his Plasma Gun couldn't charge another shot in time, and he was knocked off the platform by Ridley's tail. Samus believed he perished in the lava below.

However, Anthony actually managed to survive by freezing a Magdollite below him with his Freeze Gun and landing on it. While the impact ruined his Plasma Gun, it saved his life, and he found a way out of the room. Separated from Samus and unable to contact Adam, Anthony continued to investigate alone.

Anthony eventually took matters into his own hands after learning that the BOTTLE SHIP was set on a crash course with the Galactic Federation HQ's planet. While Adam had ordered Samus to stop the engines, unaware that Anthony had survived, Anthony was the one who hit the emergency brakes and stopped the engines. This inadvertently saved Samus during her encounter with the Queen Metroid in Room MW.

Anthony reveals himself.

At some point, Anthony infiltrated the unit of Galactic Federation troopers led by the Colonel (it is unclear if he was present in the skirmish with MB). After MB's defeat, the Colonel informed Samus that, due to her unofficial status, she was unable to contact Madeline Bergman and was to be escorted immediately off the BOTTLE SHIP. However, the soldier who stepped up to escort her was Anthony, who revealed himself by calling Samus "Princess" again. Anthony explained that he was part of the 07th Platoon, meaning his authority overrode the Colonel's since the late Adam began the BOTTLE SHIP investigation in the first place. Anthony's presence saved Madeline Bergman's witness from being covered up by the ringleaders.

Anthony and Madeline were personally flown by Samus to the Galactic Federation HQ in her Star Ship. Anthony reminisced about the ludicrousness of the situation, but realized he was disturbing Madeline's sleep and chose to quiet down. Samus appreciated his courtesy.

After recovering from the mission, Anthony and Samus crossed paths in a hallway in a Galactic Federation complex. While she gave a "thumbs up" to the late Adam, Anthony jokingly gave her a "thumbs down" in response. Samus reflected on her relationship with Anthony and his similarities and differences to Adam.


Anthony is a human who appears to be of African descent. He currently has a shaved bald head, but in the past was shown to have short hair with a lightning pattern shaved into it. He was well-armed with a standard GF plasma machine gun, a Freeze Gun and a Plasma Gun with supercharged abilities, yet at the cost of extremely slow charging rates. Anthony is also physically strong and athletic, able to perform fast rolls and standing backflips in combat situations, even with all of his weaponry and armor on. He was also the tallest member of the 07th Platoon, standing at a whopping height of 6' 8".


Anthony is a charismatic and laidback guy. He isn't afraid to laugh at himself and make light of odd situations, but also knows when to be serious. He has a tendency to wonder things out loud or unintentionally prod people's nerves, though he is aware of this and is often quick to apologize and correct himself. While he does enjoy teasing Samus, he holds great respect for her and understands how much more powerful she is than any Federation trooper.

It was implied that Anthony may have some feelings for Samus, as he has said that she had a "pretty face" and often teases or flirts with her. According to concept artwork, however, Anthony Higgs is "affectionate to her as if she was a younger sister".[3]

Official data


"1UP: There was another character who seemed to be a...bounty hunter, maybe? Can you talk about his role?

Yoshio Sakamoto: He's a Galactic Federation Soldier. He's one of Adam's soldiers."[4]

"Anthony remains a close friend of Samus since they served together in the Federation. Ever respectful and protective of those he cares about, Higgs will be an indispensable partner when facing the challenges on the BOTTLE SHIP."

Metroid: Other M Art Folio

Samus Aran and Anthony Higgs

"I've known Anthony Higgs since my Federation days, and he's always been a close friend. He's also the only person who calls me "Princess," which I put up with grudgingly. Anthony is the point man of the 7th Platoon, and as a breach trooper, he carries a massive plasma gun that trades long charging time for incredible power."


"Anthony Higgs (Point Man):
<Battle Code Number>
<Service Record>
Galactic Federation Academy,
Training Base #1
Federation Department of Special Affairs, 3rd Division
Galactic Federation, 07th Platoon
ID: 1898-07:57940"


"A colleague of Samus's from her days in the Galactic Federation. Investigating the BOTTLE SHIP under Adam's command."
After Brug Mass
"Currently investigating Sector 3 under Adam's command."
After King Kihunter
"Currently heading toward the Exam Center in Sector 1 under Adam's command."
After first Exam Center cutscene
"Currently investigating the Exam Center under Adam's command."
After Mystery Creature
"Currently investigating the BOTTLE SHIP interior under Adam's command."
After Rhedogian battle #2
"Currently under orders from Adam to head to the Geothermal Power Plant."
After Ridley cutscene
"Overcome by Ridley while trying to rescue Samus."
After credits
"Thought to have been taken down by Ridley, but returned safely."

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition

"During her time in the Galactic Federation, Samus made some friends. Closest among them is Anthony Higgs. In their time together as GF soldiers, Anthony took to Samus and even started calling her "Princess" - a term of endearment since she was the only girl in their group. Now Anthony is still in the Galactic Federation, and he still sees Samus as the Princess he has come to love, despite her having become a wildly successful, independent bounty hunter."

Official Nintendo Magazine issue 59, page 77

"A close friend and former colleague of Samus, Higgs is part of Malkovich's team. Will he, or any of his fellow marines, survive the horror that lurks deep in the space station's bowels? You'll have to grab a copy of Other M to find out..."


  • Before his name was confirmed, Anthony became a running joke among fans due to his phrase "Remember me?" in the game's trailer, even though he was apparently a new character. This earned him the nickname "MBD" which stood for "Mysterious Black Dude".
  • Anthony Higgs shared the same initials with another blue-suited acquaintance of Samus Aran, Armstrong Houston.
  • In the Rhedogian encounter, the creature will completely ignore Anthony and go after Samus once she has saved him. The Rhedogian's attacks cannot actually harm Anthony, though it can hit him and cause him to cry out.
  • After the encounter with Ridley's clone's final form, Anthony was temporarily recorded as deceased in the Characters menu until the post-credits, due to Samus' erroneous belief that he had died from falling into the lava below.
  • Samus can try to "scan" Anthony from his hiding place while destroying the magma-eruption port in the Geothermal Power Plant. However, she is unable to do so completely as Ridley will continually rock the platform.


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"Looks like a pile of rags..."

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