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Aqua Zebesian (ゼーベス星人(水中)?)[1] is a variation of Zebesian only found in Metroid Fusion.


Aqua Zebesians are the result of an X Parasite containing Skultera DNA combining with a Zebesian, giving the Zebesian the ability to swim, as well as a pair of fins and a merman-like tail. The mutation makes them better suited to water than normal Zebesians, but also decreases their strength.

When an Aqua Zebesian does not sense an enemy, it will swim slowly. After detecting Samus Aran's presence, it will immediately charge right at her. It fires short red blasts, compared to the green shots fired by normal Zebesians.

An Aqua Zebesian will only charge at Samus if she does not have the Gravity Suit. Once she obtains it, the red energy blasts are the sole method of attack it will use. This may be a result of the noticeable speed difference in the water that the Gravity Suit provides, thus the Aqua Zebesian sees Samus as easily able to dodge its charge.


  • The Aqua Zebesian is similar to the Aqua Pirate and Pink Space Pirate in that they are all Space Pirates adapted to an underwater environment. However, while the technology of the Aqua and Pink Space Pirates were created by them for better movement in water, the merman-like Aqua Zebesian received its underwater advantages biologically.
  • When Samus kills a Skultera in the same room as a Aqua Zebesian, the X will shine brightly and become unabsorbable, making Samus unable to stop it from reaching a Pirate unless she quickly kills the latter before the free-floating X reaches it. This will cause the X to become absorbable once more.
  • Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide erroneously refers to Aqua Zebesians as Kihunters,[2] despite otherwise correctly identifying the latter species.