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The "Aqueduct" is a giant room in Maridia. It appears in Super Metroid.


The Aqueduct is one of Maridia's largest rooms, and is almost entirely of artificial construction with pipes and stonework. The temperature of the room is potentially low, since icicles can be seen growing on some of the pipes. The only natural part of the room is its very bottom, underneath the floor, where there is a patch of hard sand and two quicksand pools. These drop Samus into two separate rooms with two expansions each. To get under the floor, Samus can lay Bombs in it on the lower right.

The initial entrance of the Aqueduct is a sealed in an alcove, which Samus can escape by laying a Power Bomb. This obliterates two pillars underneath her, allowing access to the rest of the room. The central feature are two elongated, midair walls lined with Grapple Points, which Samus can use to climb them, jumping from side to side. At the top of the walls, Samus can use Grapple Points on the ceiling to find the exit on the upper left. If she goes right, she will find a hidden alcove in a wall, revealing a Missile Tank on the other side. A long tube that runs through most of Maridia can be seen in the background between the grapple walls, and Samus will pass through this room via the tube when using it.

If Samus runs across the lower floor, she can activate her Speed Booster. To collect the Missile Tank, she must stop underneath a gap in the wall on the right, and Shinespark up. This will bring her into the alcove where the tank is. Under this is a door into a chamber with one-way entrances from a corridor above.

This is the first room in which the Maridia Drifting Sand Underwater Area theme begins to play.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Samus must Shinespark into a hidden alcove on the lower right of the room. The tank is beside her.
Super Missile Tank
To the right of the previous tank. Samus must carefully jump over Pit Blocks in the floor in front of it, or else she will fall below and have to do another Shinespark.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide[]

Notes (102)
"Use a Bomb to blast through the floor here, then continue down."

This refers to a shortcut underneath the door in the ceiling, to get back to the entrance.

"It will take a Power Bomb to blow through this section of floor."
SUPER JUMP (pg. 103)
"Dash from left to right. When you begin to flash, press Down to prepare for a Super Jump. Stand at point C and press the Jump Button to execute the Super Jump, which lets you break through the overhead pipes and reach a room where you'll find Missiles and Super Missiles."

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

BOMB ATTACK (pg. 66)
"Use reguler[sic] bombs and then power bombs to break down through these girders to the passage below."
SUPER JUMP (pg. 66)
"Activate the speed booster with a run up from the door on the left, then super jump up through the small gap in the ceiling here. You'll smash your way into a new section."
"A path through this section can be easily fashioned with a little help from the Speed Booster."