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The arcing-fireball attack[1] is an attack used by Proteus Ridley at the end of Metroid: Samus Returns. From the air, he will fire a spreading arc of five purple fire balls at Samus, which cause severe damage if they hit her. He always takes a moment to charge fire energy in his mouth before releasing it, which is a telegraph to Samus that he will use the attack.

It is used in all three phases of the battle, but only when Proteus Ridley is flying. When on the ground, Ridley will switch to firing straight fireballs. In the final phase, Proteus Ridley also uses the fireball shockwave, which can be distinguished from the arcing-fireball attack as he will fly directly above Samus and begin to charge a blast with his open mouth pointed to the ground; he does not do this when he is about to shoot fireballs in an arc.


  1. ^ Metroid: Samus Returns Official Guide page 214: "His mouth points to the ground, which is how you differentiate this new attack from his arcing-fireball attack."