Arcterra is a planet in the Alimbic Cluster featured in Metroid Prime Hunters. It is the farthest one from the Alimbic sun in the Tetra Galaxy, and by far the coldest. Because of the extreme cold, it is populated mostly by machines, such as Voldrums, Psycho Bits, and Guardians, as well as the odd Alimbic Turret.


Arcterra is a desolate, dark and icy world, with a bleak sky hanging over crumbling Alimbic ruins. A network of narrow tunnels and caves wind throughout the planet, and Ammolite and Witherite crystals are common. Very little natural life exists on Arcterra, and most of its inhabitants are mechanical Alimbic sentries. However, hardy vermin like Geemers, Zoomers and Shriekbats have managed to survive in pockets on the planet, and some have adapted to its frigid climate, like the Blue Barbed War Wasp. Largest of the creatures native to Arcterra is the Arctic Spawn, which lurks beneath the snow.

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Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

The outermost planet in the ALIMBIC CLUSTER, ARCTERRA is an inhospitable wasteland noteworthy for a honeycomb of tunnels and caves within its frozen interior.


Arcterra (The Ice Cave)
"This planet is located at the farthest reaches of the Tetra Galaxy. Arcterra is a barren and frozen world with caves and underground catacombs."


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Arcterra is a portmanteau of "Arctic" and "terra", the latter of which is Latin for Earth or land.

The word Arctic comes from the Greek αρκτικός (arktikos), "near the Bear, arctic, northern", itself derived from άρκτος (arktos), which means bear. The name refers to the constellation Ursa Major, the "Great Bear". "Ursa" is also the basis for the name of 2466 URSA, a fictional planet featured on the former Metroid Prime website.


  • The first theme in Arcterra is named Desolation in an unused file list. The second theme for Arcterra's lower areas is similar to the main theme of the Phendrana Drifts. The theme that plays on Arcterra-set multiplayer stages is named Arcterra Gateway.
  • Noxus and Trace are encountered for the first time here.
  • Like Alinos, during the first visit on Arcterra, one of the hunters is encountered on the way to the first Octolith while the other is encountered during the escape.
  • In multiplayer, when selecting the map, Fault Line is featured twice, one with just the Fault Line arena, and the other featuring Fault Line with a shortcut to Subterranean. However, the two arenas' names are incorrectly switched.

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