! This is a rare creature/object. It may only be scanned in one or few encounters.

The Arctic Spawn lives on planet Arcterra and is featured in Metroid Prime Hunters. Samus encounters the Arctic Spawn during her exploration of the Alimbic Cluster, and she must defeat it to gain the Imperialist, a sniping weapon. As a cold-adapted creature, it is highly resistant to cold damage, but conversely weak against heat-based weaponry, such as the Magmaul. It appears to be similar to the heat-acclimated Fire Spawn.

Logbook entryEdit

Arctic Spawn

Metroid Prime Hunters

Logbook entry

Native to frozen habitats, this creature depends on low temperatures to survive. The ARCTIC SPAWN is territorial in the extreme and will attack any perceived threat by hurling immobilizing shards of razor-sharp ice.


  • At the start of the encounter, the Arctic Spawn is seen erupting from the snow-covered ground of the Fault Line area. This possibly suggests that the Arctic Spawn lives underground in cold areas when undisturbed.
  • Due to its living space being suggested as underground, the Arctic Spawn could be responsible for the area's seismic activity as implied in the name Fault Line.
  • Unlike the Fire Spawn, the Arctic Spawn does not leave behind a weapon with similar temperature association upon its defeat.
  • The Arctic Spawn looks physically similar to the Fire Spawn; this may suggest that they come from the same Spawn species and are highly adaptive to their environments.
  • Even though the Arctic and Fire Spawns look 3-D, when viewed from above it is revealed that they are 2-D animated sprites.[citation needed]
  • The themes of both Spawns is a remix of the Parasite Queen theme from the original Metroid Prime.