Area 5, previously known as Phase 7[1] (alternatively written as Phase Seven[2]), is an area on SR388, explored in Metroid II: Return of Samus and its remake, Metroid: Samus Returns.


Phase 7 is the seventh explored area in Metroid II: Return of Samus, consisting of a very large vertical Grand Cavern with smaller spike-filled caves branching off along the edges and some bodies of water. The central cavern is home to the ruins of a tower-like Chozo settlement containing many Chozo Statues and a Dark Chamber where almost nothing is visible. All beam weapons except for the standard Power Beam (Ice, Wave, Spazer Laser, Plasma) are available in Phase 7's Chozo ruins, all accessible from a single hub room patrolled by Gunzoos, due to the fact that they cannot all be used at once; therefore, if Samus Aran wants to use a certain beam at a certain time, she can simply reobtain it from the same location. The Screw Attack is also obtained in these ruins. In Return of Samus, Phase 7 is the only area where Samus battles Zeta Metroids, including one Zeta's chamber located inside the Chozo ruins.

In Metroid: Samus Returns, the area has been expanded into three sections joined by elevators, with a marsh environment theme introduced in a water-filled room. Like in the original game, Area 5 seems to be set inside and around a large Chozo tower. Glass barriers and electric generators like those in Area 2 can also be seen at some places of the area, and structures seen in rooms such as the Grand Cavern and Zeta's chamber suggest that Area 5 may have been used as a greenhouse by the Chozo. Samus Returns places four power-ups here, including the Plasma Beam and Screw Attack retained from the original Phase 7, as well as the Gravity Suit and Phase Drift Aeion ability, neither of which existed in the original game.

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In Return of Samus, an ambient theme plays through most of Phase 7, while SR388 Underground plays inside the Chozo tower.

In Samus Returns, Area Indefinite plays in the low marshy section. The middle section of Area 5 (the lower levels inside the Chozo tower) features a remix of Lower Brinstar from Super Metroid; this is designated as the Area 5 theme in the Sound Test. The top section of Area 5 (the upper levels of the tower and the large caverns surrounding it) features Met2 Ancient Chozo Ruins, a dark arrangement of SR388 Underground. A remix of the Magmoor Caverns theme plays inside both superheated rooms.



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