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Ariadne Yuko is a famous Japanese astrologer/fortune teller. In the Japanese Nintendo Official Guide Book for Super Metroid, she read dreams of Samus Aran that were based on scenes from the game.

Profile[edit | edit source]

"Western astrology, fortune telling with tarot cards, incorporated psychology in life counseling, etc; astrological expert with activities in a broad range of fields. Her fortune telling handles all range of questions from love to problems with operating a business. Her main literary works include Uranai daishuukai (Big Fortune Telling Assembly), Ketsuekigata happi uranai (Happy Blood Type Fortune Telling), and many others. She is active in many magazines such as Uranai kouna (Fortune Telling Corner)."

Dreams[edit | edit source]

Chariots of Fire[edit | edit source]

This dream details Samus worrying that she won't be able to stop running in Speed Booster mode. Yuko suggests that she hasn't been exercising, and to buy a larger starship or land on planets from time to time to exercise.

Death Trap[edit | edit source]

This dream details Samus falling through a hallway and being trapped in a small chamber, making her stuck in Morph Ball. Yuko suggests that Samus is trapped because she is having an affair, and recommends that she take caution.

A Bridge Too Far[edit | edit source]

This dream is based on a room in the game, and involves Samus failing to cross it. Yuko suggests that the bridge is preventing her from growing into adulthood, and recommends that Samus try training herself to be more feminine.

Cradle of Fear[edit | edit source]

This dream is based on the walking Chozo Statue in the Wrecked Ship. Samus states that she morphed in its hands, but it clenched its fist and crushed her. Yuko suggests that the Chozo Statues are not providing Samus items anymore and want her to fight alone.

Why those Etecoons, I hate them![edit | edit source]

This dream is based on the secret shaft in Brinstar containing the three Etecoons. Samus states that she tried to learn to Wall Jump from them, but kept failing. Yuko suggests that Samus does not really want her Chozo enhancements.

Reunited with a Foul Stench[edit | edit source]

This dream is based on the climax of the game, and details the baby saving Samus from Mother Brain. She describes how it feeds her terrible energy and causes her to vomit. Samus also refuses to talk about what happened afterward. Yuko suggests that this is due to her eating foul food the night before, and recommends that she take an antacid.

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