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The Arigat and Asian (or Asia) Philharmonic Orchestras are two symphony orchestras. The music for the pre-rendered cutscenes in Metroid: Other M was recorded live by both orchestras, with the Arigat-Orchestra session being recorded in Tokyo, Japan, and the Asian Philharmonic Orchestra's in Beijing, China.[1][2] In Other M, Arigat is stylized as the ARIGAT-ORCHESTRA. It has primarily orchestrated film music, such as Jet Li's Fearless. The Asian Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in Japan in 1997 by Myung-Whun Chung, a Korean-American music director who desired to unite Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea through music.

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  1. ^ "Napolitano gives a different perspective on the audio than some of us have had, enjoying the ambient quality of many of the tracks as well as the orchestral scores for the cutscenes, which were performed live by the Arigat Orchestra (Tokyo) and the Asian Philharmonic Orchestra (Beijing)."
  2. ^ "During the credits, you’ll see that the performance of the music in the game is credited to the Arigat Orchestra and the Asian Philharmonic Orchestra, letting you know that there are truly some quality live performances here."
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