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A bust originally intended to depict Arkithun.

Arkithun was one of the Bryyo Gods mentioned in notes created by Matt Manchester for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Ultimately, the gods did not appear in the retail version of Corruption, but the story behind them was the basis for the numerous busts in the Imperial Hall room. In Manchester's notes, Arkithun is named as The Lord Artisan, and is written as having built a 'City of Glass'. The bust created to represent Arkithun was later repurposed as a Warp Statue.


"The Lord Artisan – Arkithun: After the gods departed Bryyo, and chose to live upon the sun, it was Arkithun who crafted for the gods the mighty City of Glass. Its sprawling towers and buildings are their eternal dwellings. From within its walls, the light of the high god may still penetrate to soak all with vitality and life. After crafting the divine city, Arkithun granted to the children of Bryyo the knowledge and gift of architecture, to forge a civilization for themselves."

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