Mp3 armored aerotrooper

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Armored Aerotroopers are Aerotroopers equipped with Beam-resistant armor. Thus, Missiles are more effective against them. Gandrayda takes the form of an Armored Aerotrooper in her Aerotrooper-G guise.

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Armored Aerotrooper

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

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Morphology: Armored Aerotrooper
Covered with a thin layer of armor. Susceptible to explosive attacks.

Logbook entry

Armored Aerotroopers are deployed in harsh combat zones. Their armor is resilient, but susceptible to explosive blasts. In battle they use twin Remote Attack Pods to engage targets. They are equipped with a Particle Cannon and a Helix Missile Pod. They can tap their Phazon power unit to warp from point to point. A weakness lies in the jet pack: ignite and separate it from the pilor to neutralize the target.