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The Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt model of Assault Cradle.

Assault Cradle is a level in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. This level appears to be a very early form of the Harvester level in Metroid Prime Hunters. There a lot of differences between the two, but the fundamental level design remains the same:

  • Like Harvester, Assault Cradle has a large tower in the middle flanked by a pair of external platforms.
  • In Assault Cradle the middle room appears to be a lot wider, and a little narrower. It was also open at the sides.
  • There are a pair of Morph Ball Cannons on the external platforms, as well as a pair of jump pads towards the outer edges. These could be used to access the top of the tower.
  • Unlike Harvester, the top of the tower was a fairly small room, but had a pair of exits on wither side which led to a pair of smaller external platforms. These could then be used to drop down into the lower middle room.
  • This is the level that the Survivor mode takes place in, although the Morph Ball Cannons cannot be accessed.