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Audrey Peterson (now known as Audrey Barnes) is a programmer based in Texas who worked for Retro Studios during Metroid Prime's development, in which she is credited under "Additional Contributors".

Before coming to Retro Studios, Audrey made plugins for 3DS Max as early as 1994. By 1996, she was running her own Max plugin company, Sisyphus Software, as well as being hired to work on the core program. She joined Retro Studios in 2000 where she primarily developed the real-time model editor until she left the company in February of 2002. She has worked at the University of Texas at Austin since.

Voice of Samus controversyEdit

Audrey Peterson's IMDb profile

An IMDb profile for Peterson that erroneously claims she voiced Samus in the Prime series.

On the Internet Movie Database, Peterson was erroneously listed as the uncredited voice of Samus Aran in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, rather than Jennifer Hale as widely believed.[1] It should be noted that IMDb, like Wikipedia, is a website that can be freely edited by users and therefore may not be a reliable source. In this instance, the IMDb page was likely edited by a contributor in response to a discussion on the Behind The Voice Actors forums, where users speculated that the "additional contributor" Audrey Peterson was a voice actress.[2] The listing has since been removed and changed to a special thanks credit.

In 2018, Peterson came forward on Wikitroid and clarified that she was actually a programmer and did not provide the voice of Samus.[3] She also said that she was never a voice actress and is not the Audrey Peterson credited as the voice of the character Raven and additional voices in Ultima IX: Ascension.


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