Aurora Access is one of the most important rooms on the G.F.S. Olympus. It is the entryway to the Aurora Chamber, which houses Aurora Unit 242. As such, the room is heavily guarded. An elevator from the Flag Bridge allows access to an upper level, but can be safeguarded with Force Fields to prevent normal access. After arriving at the upper level, a Federation Marine must allow access to the Aurora Unit via a retinal scanner. When Samus Aran enters this room to go to Aurora Unit 242, a Federation PED Marine gives her access to the next room as she goes up the elevator. However, the lift engages its Force Field as soon as she leaves the elevator, forbidding access back to the Flag Bridge. After she leaves this room, the Aurora Unit access doors close shut, preventing her from going anywhere except to the Aurora Unit.

As Samus is ascending the elevator, G-5 will be heard saying "Subject Samus Aran entering AU lift area. Security clearance 5 granted." A marine stationed outside the chamber says "Clearance confirmed, G-5. Opening chamber vault." He then uses the retinal scanner to open the door to the Aurora Chamber. If Samus speaks to this Marine, he will say "That suit looks like a modified PED unit. Only the most elite troopers are allowed to handle that firepower."

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Vault door
"Aurora Unit access doors can only be opened by authorized Galactic Federation personnel."
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