The Aurora Chamber is a room on the G.F.S. Olympus. This room is where Aurora Unit 242 is installed.


Samus cannot reach this room on her first visit to the G.F.S. Olympus due to a blast door blocking access to Aurora Access. When she has obtained the PED Suit, the Galactic Federation allows Samus to enter the Aurora Chamber to be briefed by 242 on her new mission.

The room is heavily guarded, and a retinal scanner controls the door into the Chamber. Inside, there is a small circular balcony that has three screens, the centre screen acts as a Hand Scanner to interact with the Aurora Unit. Below the balcony are a few walkways for monitoring the Aurora. The room contains two lifts to reach the lower section.

If Samus speaks to the PED Marine stationed inside the door, he tell Samus "Step onto the communications platform to interface with the Aurora Unit."

Aurora Unit 242 briefing[]

Welcome, Samus Aran. Let us begin. Time is most critical.

During the attempted pirate invasion of Norion, it was confirmed that two nearby planets were similarly attacked. These planets are named Bryyo and Elysia.

These "Leviathans" have impacted and embedded themselves deep into each planet, spreading a virulent Phazon carried inside their bodies.

The Leviathans must be destroyed.

Two weeks ago, we dispatched Rundas to Bryyo... Ghor to Elysia... While Gandrayda was sent to locate the Space Pirate stronghold.

Like you, they were outfitted with PED devices in order to confront this new threat. We lost contact with all of them seven days ago, and fear the worst.

In their absence, we need you to travel to these planets and finish their missions. The closest planet is Bryyo. This will be your first objective.

Please be on the lookout for any clues that might help us understand what happened to Rundas and the other Hunters.

Good luck.

—Aurora Unit 242

Connecting rooms[]



Communication platform
"Communication platform allows users to interact with the Aurora Unit. Use terminal to talk to AU 242."
Aurora Unit tank
"Aurora Unit tanks serve as the "heart" of all Federation battleships. Unable to see through liquid solution."


  • Using hacking, one can see through the Aurora Chamber's mist with the X-Ray Visor. Interestingly it will appear empty.