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Aurora Unit 242's tank

Aurora Unit tanks are tanks that act as the "heart" of all Galactic Federation battleships. Similar to the Control Capsule of the Mother Brain and the unnamed tanks holding the Cortex Chamber and MB's first form, the Aurora Unit tank houses an Aurora Unit.

Each tank is filled with a liquid solution, in which the Aurora itself is suspended. The liquid is murky when the Aurora Unit is inactive. When the Aurora begins to speak, the liquid bubbles up from the bottom of the tank and becomes clear. If the Aurora ceases speaking, has ended the conversation or is gathering data, the liquid becomes murky again. It is not possible to see through the liquid unless Samus Aran has the X-Ray Visor, which can only be used without hacking on Aurora Unit 217. With hacking, it is possible to view Aurora Unit 242 through her tank's liquid. 313's tank in its Chamber is shattered with the Aurora Unit missing, and 486 is not seen ingame.

It is unknown whether Aurora Units require these tanks and the liquid solution to survive. Aurora Unit 313 is able to survive without both on Phaaze, apparently due to Phazon corruption. Aurora Unit tanks are invulnerable to all of Samus's weaponry and can even resist Hypermode attacks.


Aurora Chamber (G.F.S. Olympus)
"Aurora Unit tanks serve as the "heart" of all Federation battleships. Unable to see through liquid solution."