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For the room where it is battled in Sector 3 (PYR), see B.O.X.'s room (PYR).

"B.O.X.'s room" is a room in Sector 6 (NOC). It appears in Metroid Fusion.


This is a large room with two floors found near the bottom of Sector 6, very close to the Restricted Zone. It is initially entered from the top floor and features the same rocky cave material found in other rooms, with caves extending into the background and glowing fissures in the ceiling. There is a wall of Screw Attack Blocks in front of the entrance that prevents Samus from going anywhere but down at first. Stepping forward triggers a column of Pit Blocks in the floor, which Samus falls through to the second level of the room. It is not possible to get back to the top from the second level.

At the bottom of the room, there is a divot in the floor that is filled with water. In the background, numerous green fungi are visible. A ladder is present in the ceiling.


Later into Samus's mission aboard the BSL, she returns to Sector 6 in pursuit of the B.O.X. Security Robot she faced earlier, now infected by the X Parasites. She passes through this room during her search, ultimately finding the entrance to the Restricted Laboratory. Approaching it triggers the computer voice, whose repeated warning is heard by B.O.X. As Samus is returning to this room, the area begins to rock with explosions. Samus continues into this room and confronts the re-emerged Security Robot.

Samus dropping through the Pit Blocks.

The Robot electrifies the room's water, making it dangerous for Samus to stand in. The water flashes twice at regular intervals to signify that it is electric. For safety Samus must quickly lay a Power Bomb to expose a ladder on the ceiling, allowing her to target B.O.X.'s core safely. A safe spot can be found furthest left on the ceiling ladder; if Samus stays there she will have a perfect Once she defeats the robot, its body explodes and the water loses its electricity, allowing Samus to stand in it. After exposing and absorbing B.O.X.'s Core-X, she regains the Wave Beam ability.

Later, this room remains uninhabited. Samus can return to the top of B.O.X.'s room and Screw Attack through two walls to reach a hidden chamber in the next room, containing a Power Bomb Tank.

Connecting rooms[]

This room has four different entrances and exits. It is initially entered via a short shaft with machinery in the background. From the bottom left, it connects to a corridor with a rocky downward slope. From the top and bottom right, it leads into a corridor with a Missile Tank at the end that requires the Wave Beam. The top door cannot be accessed without the Screw Attack.



Wave Beam
Regained by absorbing B.O.X.'s Core-X.

Official data[]

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

5. BOSS BATTLE (pg. 93)
"Deonate a Power Bomb as soon as you enter your battle with the Security Robot. The explosion will set off a chain reaction on the ceiling, revealing a horizontal ladder. Grab onto it, aim for the opening at the top of the robot and hit it with multiple Missiles. If you get a clean shot at the weak spot from an angle, you'll be in a better position to avoid the robot's leaping attack and its Samus-seeking missiles. When it launches the missiles, fire at them with rapid Plasma Beam shots. After you've defeated the robot, you'll have to deal with a Wave Beam-firing Core-X. Hit it with Missiles and move to avoid contact with the bulbous beast. Your reward for victory is the Wave Beam."
"Detonate a Power Bomb to reveal handle grips on the ceiling."
"Hang onto the ceiling and try to hit the robot at an angle. When the enemy unleashes missiles, shoot them down with Beams."

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

The Prima Games guide refers to this room as the water room in two instances.

Page 134
"Clear the Owtch from the top ledge, jump down, and exit through the door below. Samus drops through the Pit Blocks to a water room. Turn around and go through the white hatch."
Page 135
"As you go through the door, the walls start shaking and you hear the warning again. Go back up the rock ramp and through the white hatch to reach the water room again. This time, the waters are anything but calm as the Security Robot charges. Jump back up to the top step and set off a Power Bomb to expose the ceiling rungs. Jump up to the ceiling, avoiding a salvo of missiles, and fire straight down into the top of the robot, its only weak point.
Keep moving back and forth along the ceiling and firing at the Security Robot (the left side is the best place to be when the robot starts firing missiles). Be patient, it takes about 50 missiles to destroy the robot. When the robot explodes, a Beam Core-X remains, so the battle is not over. Jump back and forth over the Core-X, avoiding the energy beams while you fire at the shell. When the X cluster is released, grab it to restore Samus's Wave Beam ability. Now, your beam attacks can penetrate walls.
TIP (pg. 135)
"You can't hurt the Security Robot while it is firing missiles, so concentrate on defensive action. Use your Plasma Beam to shoot the missiles before they reach Samus."