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For the room where it is battled in Sector 6 (NOC), see B.O.X.'s room (NOC).

"B.O.X.'s room" is a room in Sector 3 (PYR). It appears in Metroid Fusion.


This room is a corridor in the desert area of PYR. It comprises damaged yellow architecture and there is a ladder along the ceiling. The floor is covered with sand, and mountains of sand can be seen in the background along with two green fern-like plants. After the battle with B.O.X., pieces of the ceiling fall to the floor, including an elongated piece that acts as a platform. Two wall-mounted platforms are found above it, as well as a piece of the ceiling that curves downward. It is likely that there was an opening here before the battle, which explains how B.O.X. entered the room.


B.O.X. emerges from the Data Room, destroying it.

Samus passes through this room for the first time on her way to the Sector's Data Room, where she acquires Super Missile data. After doing so and exiting into this room, the Tension Before a Confrontation theme begins to play. Once Samus visits the previous room, she begins to hear explosive sounds, and discovers their source upon returning to this room: a rogue B.O.X. Security Robot has appeared, and she is forced to battle it. It emerges from the Data Room, destroying the door and rendering the room inaccessible for the rest of the game.

During the battle, Samus can make use of the ceiling ladder to avoid B.O.X.'s attacks, which can knock her off if she is not careful. Once B.O.X. has been damaged sufficiently, it automatically walks to the right side of the room and becomes invulnerable, flashing white. It then jumps above the screen, sending part of the ceiling flying down. Samus can use it to get up to an exit above the room, but B.O.X. is gone by the time she follows it. She later encounters it, now infected by the X Parasites, in Sector 6 (NOC), where she destroys it in a second battle.

Later, Samus can return to this room via the above corridor (accessible with the connecting passage from Sector 1 (SRX)), but there is little incentive to do so, except perhaps to pass through it on the way to a nearby Save or Recharge Station.

Connecting rooms[]

This room connects from the left to a long desert corridor with a hidden Recharge Station under the floor. It enters into a Data Room, which becomes inaccessible after B.O.X. destroys the door. From the top (after the battle) it leads to another long corridor with destructible walls.


Official data[]

Metroid Fusion: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

10. BOSS BATTLE (pg. 45)
"After you save and recharge, return to the vicinity of the Data Room. You'll encounter a security robot - the only enemy that has not been consumed by an X parasite. Run to the left, jump up and grab the horizontal ladder on the ceiling. When the robot stops and rocks back and forth on its legs, fire down on it with Super Missiles. After a moment, the robot will launch a small, explosive ball. Hit the ball with Missiles or stay directly above it to avoid its fire-wave blast. Continue to fight the robot until it explodes."
"Return to the area near the Data Room. The music will change, and you will discover a security robot on the fritz."
"Hang from the ceiling and fire down on the robot with Missiles. When the machine produces a ball, hit it or hover over it to avoid the blast."
11. TRICKY TANK (pg. 45)
"The debris that the security robot left behind will give you something to climb onto so you can investigate a hidden section. Climb up, then move to the left.

Metroid Prime and Metroid Fusion: Prima's Official Strategy Guide[]

Page 105
"Jump up to the ceiling rungs and continue to the right, exiting through the green hatch to reach the Data Room. After Samus acquires Super Missile data, go back two rooms and drop through the opening to reach a Save Room (through the white hatch on the right). A boss battle is coming up, so this is a good time to save your game file."
Page 106
"Climb back up through the opening (to the left of the Save Room), then go through the hatch on the right to meet the Security Robot. Jump up to the ceiling rungs and hang on to the extreme left. Wait for the robot to walk under Samus, then fire a missile into the top of the robot each time it moves to the left (the top of the robot is the only place susceptible to damage). After several hits, the robot glows white and scurries off to the right. Stay on the ceiling and move to the right. One more hit (this last missile can strike the robot anywhere) blows the Security Robot into a pile of junk."

This last statement is not true; while B.O.X. is heavily damaged as a result of the battle, it is not destroyed.